Thursday, March 10, 2011

Net House - the combined external skin

Flexible skin with lighting test
Deformation of flexible skin with "easing" movement

Breathing movement

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Light Sensor controlling servo motor

Video demo without the flexible skin. The servo should pull a belt to control the movement instead of moving directly.

Servo movement with flexible skin. The breathing movement is exaggerated for easy recognition. Fine toning will done for the final work.

Video demo - side view showing the connecting Arduino.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Net House - Modified Structure

Modified structure for shape changing of the skin
We use a belt transmissions structure to give a stronger and direct manipulation of the flexible skin. Multiple independent motion can give more diverse combination of deformation.

The structural design for the Extendable floor.

Extendable Floor test 01 - the white rod represent the curvy flexible skin that pulls out the floor while deformation.

Extendable test 01 video

Extendable floor test 2

Design sketches of extendable floor

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Net House - Mechanism Motion by servo

Sketch of the mechanical design
we strive to use less servors to realize the transformation function.

Original test for motor mechanism

Prototyping for the flexible skin

Flexible skin grid line pressing in motion

Elevating mechanism for the movable club house. A pair of synchronized mechanism lift the platform up and down.

Mechanism for the transformation of flexible skin. Each motor controls a pair of mirrored up-down motion of the skin. Strength of the mechanism will be tested with the actual skin mounted. There will be around 4 sets of this mechanism for the whole structure.

New structure as related to the original test.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Net House - Flexible Skin Mechanism

Flexible Skin changing shape by altering the height of skin. and can create subtle partitions for different number of participants.

Flexible Skin Breathing according to the nature of activity inside.

Exterior of Movable Club House of various shape

Interior of Movable Club House with extendible floor platform

Interior of Movable Club House

Side view of Movable Club House showing bulging flexible skin and extendible floor.

Image showing the mechanism of ceiling and platform. The change is activated by simple up/down motion of flexible skin attach points. Extendible floor move to cope with scalable space.

Mechanical test for extendible floor.

Skin Mechanism design 2